Teach, Learn and Network on WiZiQ

WiZiQ is a Web 2.0 platform for distance education, which enables teachers to connect to students with some cool tools in the virtual classrooms.

You can set your teaching rates and schedule your teaching sessions according to your convenience. WiZiQ is all set to become a worldwide tutor directory, considering the excellent technology and the incentive to make money through teaching online.


MSDewey Seducing to Search - Microsoft's Web 2.0 Search?

MSDewey from Microsoft tingles your search senses :-)
Is she trying to hook you or is she fishing for results with that hook?


New AJAX SEO Tactics Discussed at Search Engine Strategies

AJAX is the backbone of Web 2.0 social media networking sites. Ryan Johnston and Jim McFadyen from Critical Mass presented the effects of AJAX on natural search engine rankings at the SES (Search Engine Stretegies) conference earlier this month; reps of Yahoo and Google were on the panel. Liz Camps shares notes from the conference on optimizing for AJAX.


You May Add Web 2.0 Social Media Sites to the Lists

If you want to add a web 2.0 social media website, just add the URL in the appropriate alphabetical listing post in the comments section. Please do not add links to non-relevant websites; comments are moderated.

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