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Google's Latest Presentation Offering

Google has just added presentations to Google Docs: Official Google Blog: Our feature presentation. Although, surely this does not look like a PowerPoint killer, but it could be useful to a segment of users on the Internet.

The online collaboration feature on Google Presentations is quite useful for teamwork. There are established platforms already in the playing field for online presentations, and especially PowerPoint, like authorSTREAM and WiZiQ's Tutorials, but Google Presentations works best for collaboration on presentations.

For effective online sharing, PowerPoint presentations can be uploaded to authorSTREAM, which retains the elements in the presentation as the author intended. Furthermore, it provides multiple options for presentation promotion and sharing though different channels, including conversion to video and porting to YouTube and downloading of presentations to iPods after converting them to MP4 format. authorSTREAM also offers RSS feeds and iTunes friendly podcast feeds.

How well can Google presentations handle uploaded files? Some questions:

Are rehearsed timings retained?
Are narrations supported?
Are animated images inserted in slides supported?
Are animation effects supported?
Are animations with sound supported?

Online applications evolve with time; Google Presentations is a good offering and users look forward to a lot more in future releases.


Got Presentations? Promote Them on authorSTREAM

authorSTREAM - a natural Web2.0 add-on to PowerPoint

Here's an elaborate review of authorSTREAM by Fernando Cassia, pointing out that Microsoft is lagging behind in online services and is reluctant to move away from its desktop inclination. Now authorSTREAM is a Web 2.0 free presentation sharing platform, ideal for extending your presentations to the Web--exactly what makes PowerPoint files look good online and authors to rejoice in all the freebies it offers for distribution and promotion of their presentations.

No PowerPoint? No problem!

If you do not have PowerPoint, you can still create a presentation in the free Open Office and
output to .ppt format, which can be uploaded to authorSTREAM.

Batch PowerPoint conversion and upload with authorPOINT Lite

You can also import .ppt or .pps files into authorPOINT Lite, a newly launched free PowerPoint to Flash converter from authorGEN, the parent company of authorSTREAM. authorPOINT Lite also offers the ability of bulk upload of PPT or PPS files to authorSTREAM, if you have a lot of presentations that you want to share.

Convert PowerPoint to Flash online on a Mac

If you are working on a Mac and you need to view or convert PowerPoint files to Flash, you can still access authorSTREAM and upload .ppt or .pps files and view or share them online. This takes care of not having to buy expensive software for Mac PowerPoint to Flash conversion.

authorSTREAM as a Marketing Tool

authorSTREAM can get desired visibility for marketing your products, services, profiles.... get creative. I believe that it is an excellent tool for search marketing professionals too as typically SEM experts have a lot of articles and how-tos, which can be converted to presentation format and uploaded to this service for extended visibility; some concepts are easier to explain step by step in slides, with screenshots of Google SERPs, code changes, worksheet formats etc.

As authorSTREAM provides unique code for every presentation, it is easy to embed your slide-shows on your own blogs, sites, or profiles. This applies not only to SEM professionals and bloggers but also to professionals in any other industry. Here's an embedded example; I recommend to watch in full screen mode:

Big companies and corporations having lots of sales presentations can upload and share these globally on authorSTREAM. This not only helps in training their own sales team, but also to get more visibility for their products or services.

authorSTREAM in Education and E-learning

This could be one of the best advances in technology for the e-learning world as teachers can easily share lessons or lectures in presentation format with anyone in the world on authorSTREAM. E-learning is one big arena for presentation software usage as teachers find it very easy to explain concepts using presentations. authorSTREAM extends that ease a step further by offering global presentation sharing. Some features are unique to authorSTREAM, like audio and animations in presentations are retained, which are necessary to build professional presentation lessons.

So what did you do on authorSTREAM today? Would you like to share with the community your user-case scenario on authorSTREAM? What did you like? How did it help you? What do you think is wanting or can be improved?

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