Google's Latest Presentation Offering

Google has just added presentations to Google Docs: Official Google Blog: Our feature presentation. Although, surely this does not look like a PowerPoint killer, but it could be useful to a segment of users on the Internet.

The online collaboration feature on Google Presentations is quite useful for teamwork. There are established platforms already in the playing field for online presentations, and especially PowerPoint, like authorSTREAM and WiZiQ's Tutorials, but Google Presentations works best for collaboration on presentations.

For effective online sharing, PowerPoint presentations can be uploaded to authorSTREAM, which retains the elements in the presentation as the author intended. Furthermore, it provides multiple options for presentation promotion and sharing though different channels, including conversion to video and porting to YouTube and downloading of presentations to iPods after converting them to MP4 format. authorSTREAM also offers RSS feeds and iTunes friendly podcast feeds.

How well can Google presentations handle uploaded files? Some questions:

Are rehearsed timings retained?
Are narrations supported?
Are animated images inserted in slides supported?
Are animation effects supported?
Are animations with sound supported?

Online applications evolve with time; Google Presentations is a good offering and users look forward to a lot more in future releases.

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