Using the Social Media Network Search Engine

Neil Patel has written a nice post on SearchEngineLand about which social networking sites you should target to achieve social media network visibility for your website.

Directly in context with that information, you can simply use the embedded social media network search engine, which now searches more than 300 social network sites, to do research on your keywords and competition.


Anusha said...

Yeah, I also read that one. it's really great information about social media networking.

strongmandigital said...

Social Media is a very powerful tool if used in an appropriate way. I am extremely happy and really wanted to know how this guy could raise $10K in 24 hours; but that shows the power of social media.

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strongmandigital said...

Social media can give your company many different benefits.It can increase awareness and introduce you to new people. It can be used to help customer service, and follow-up with disgruntled customers. It can also be used to get the elusive, but effective word-of-mouth marketing.

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